Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Season 1, Episode 27 Review: Interlude Party

A new opening for Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood with some glimpse on whats to come. At a bonfire celebration, Hohenheim drinks with a young Pinako, and the two talk about the strife in their country and about human transmutation in regard to Ed and Al. When Pinako goes off to play with the children, Hohenheim sees another version of himself saying that humans are weak but they are valuable resources. Hohenheim recounts how he's seen humans repeat the same errors over and over, and he agrees that humans are fragile. Unlike the Homunculus, humans don't have the strongest weapons or shields, and they get caught up in trivial things. He feels that they can't do anything against the Homunculus, but Pinako points out that they don't give up and that trying is better than knowing and doing nothing. The other version of himself then appears though and claims that it'd still be wasted effort and that no one accepts him. He also claims that doing something wouldn't change anything in reality or in the weakness of humans, and as Hohenheim tries to grapple with this, a young Trisha suddenly appears and asserts that he can change things. She acknowledges that humans are weak but feels that this is the reason they try hard to become strong. Trisha finishes by suggesting that, if he feels lost, then all he needs to do is to remember the time he spent in Resembool. Hohenheim wakes up shortly thereafter from what he realizes was a dream.

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