'Big Brother 13': Cassi or Shelly, who goes home? And who is the new HOH?


There isn't much suspense going into the second "Big Brother 13" elimination - we all know Cassi is going home. But the big deal is the next Head of Household competition. It's an important one.Following the POV ceremony, Rachel smarms to the camera in the Diary Room that she always gets her way. Oooh, I'd like to slap that smirk right off her face.Jordan totally pussed out on that one, gang. She claims her alliance wants Cassi out, like her alliance is SO big. It's two on two and if you backdoor Brenchel, it's two on one! You could've made a move, Jordan.Cassi says she won't campaign against Shelly and she doesn't, she's so classy. Meanwhile, Jordan cries in the HOH room and Jeff says he feels bad too. You shouldn't have put them up, dummies! You should've turned on crazy-ass Rachel.THUNDERDOMESo Cassi asks to talk to Rachel and now we get the infamous Rachel-Cassi...



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