BURN NOTICE “Square One” Review

BURN NOTICE "Square One" Season 4 Episode 5 – After Michael’s CIA handler was killed and he was framed (and subsequently had to erase evidence leading to him and the killer) a team of agentsdescend upon Miami to investigate the death of one of their own, led by the beautiful, pitbully Agent Pearce. Michael smooth talks his way into Pearce’s good graces-apparently CIA agents cannot resist a suave smooth talker, even if he has been burned and his CIA handlers do have a nasty habit of dying.

Pearce’s purpose in this episode does not amount to much, but hopefully she’ll clash with Michael further down the line. She immediately lets Michael into some top secret information so he can obtain information that CIA protocols won’t let her access (like protocols have ever stopped the CIA). Eventually, Michael’s lead comes in a grocery store. With Fiona and Sam’s help he finds a stack ofvideo tapes from a security camera and has his mother go through the pile. It would seem that whoever killed Max really has it in for Michael: they’ve framed him, as the guy on tape going into the store tobuy a cell phone. Who knows what else they did to frame him? Things are getting murky so I’m pretty optimistic about how things will turn out. Read More...



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