Love Bites: What Did You Think of the Ending?

nbcWhen I first heard that Love Bites had met its not-unexpected-yet-disappointing demise, I was of two minds. I was initially a little bummed because, despite its issues, the show has been pretty decent summer entertainment and a refreshing change of pace from the typical scripted show that we encounter nowadays. But once I came to terms with its cancellation, I had to wonder just how the last episode would tie things up (if at all), as the show's order was cut after a few episodes had aired this summer and well, how does oneend an anthology series anyway?

The best move that Love Bites made was not immediately betrothing Annie to Matt in what could have been a contrived, schmaltzy move to a promising storyline. It's obvious that the two characters have chemistry together, but it would have been a little too much to have them go from having two quick conversations to being in a relationship and the little wink Love Bites gave us at the end was more than enough payoff. I think their connection was more about making Matt see that Amanda wasn't the one for him, a sort of catalyst to the type of awakening that isn't as typical a show like this, but there was definitely something there and it's a shame that we didn't get to explore that through more episodes of the show. Read More...


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