Dragon Ball Kai Season 1 Episode 25 Review: Kuririn's Power-Up! Freeza Foreboding's Squirming

A good chunk of the episode is dedicated to Kami and Piccolo's past. It seems that a Namekian named Kattats sent his son into space find a new planet for the Namekians during the crisis that wiped out most of the planet's population. Eventually, the kid grew up and became Kami, but he split off his evil side, who became Piccolo Daimao. This is stuff most of the viewers already knew, though.

Saichoro gives Kuririn a power-up by unleashing his hidden power, but I can't imagine there being that much in him. He seems pretty jazzed by it and flies off at top speed, which is pretty stupid since he's supposed to be masking his ki. Luckily, at least for now, Vegeta is indisposed, and Freeza's bunch suck at detecting ki.

Zarbon gets chewed out by Freeza, who kills a minion for killing without obtaining any information, and talks about a strange feeling he's been having. Freeza may not have any talent in detecting ki, but he's got a pretty good sense of the import of events occuring. He calls on the Ginyu Force, and we'll see them pretty soon, which surprises me. 25 episodes in and the Ginyu Force are coming soon!

We also get some Appule. He, uh, isn't around long.

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