Another Earth - Review

Another Earth, Brit Marling, ... | EPIC MOVIE Everything seems all-important in this arty dud, but the vague metaphors don't really pay off

How on earth did this arty dud win the Alfred P. Sloan Prize at Sundance? It's one of those stultifying aftermath-of-?a-car-crash movies, tracking the Epic Grief of a professor (William Mapother) who lost his wife and child as well as the Epic Guilt of the young woman (Brit Marling) who caused their deaths by drunkenly smashing into their car. The innovation is that Mike Cahill directs the movie in an off-center, minimalist mode (it's all arid pauses) and throws in a cosmic subplot about a parallel Earth that hovers in the sky, a big vague metaphor name it. D,,20511564,00.html


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