Naruto Season 6 Episode 133 A Plea from a Friend Episode Recap

A huge explosion comes from Naruto. Sasuke is dumbstruck and wonders what caused this sudden display of power. He also wonders about the red chakra that healed all of Naruto's wounds coming from Naruto before. Sasuke then asks what Naruto is and Naruto says he that is Sasuke's friend and he will not let him go to Orochimaru. Naruto also says that he would break Sasuke's arms and legs to stop him from going.

Naruto then punches the air and water goes flying towards Sasuke knocking him back, and then Naruto charges him. Naruto punches Sasuke with a hard fist then Naruto starts to punch Sasuke sending him up into the air. Sasuke lands on the water but Naruto appears above and zooms through Sasuke sending him shooting like a missile into the water. As a giant hole where Sasuke was standing bubbles up, Naruto starts to howl like the demon fox inside him.

Sasuke bursts from the water and slides along the surface of the water then Naruto uses his new-found speed to charge at Sasuke and attack him with a flurry of fists and kicks making Sasuke fall backwards onto the water. Naruto back flips onto a wall and jumps off into the air. Sasuke quickly performs hand signs and uses Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique and a massive ball of fire comes from Sasuke's mouth, but due to Naruto's strength from the fox inside him he is able to force the fireball back at Sasuke with just chakra which makes a massive shockwave of water from the spot where Sasuke and Naruto are. The water continually vibrates and eventually creates a whirlpool of destruction.

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