Entourage: TV Review

In the early days of Entourage -- you might even call them the glory days -- a good deal of time was spent wondering what the show was trying to achieve and whether the slick, calorie-free 30-minute episodes that seemed to fly by got the message across.

It turns out there really wasn't a message -- at least not a profound one. And somewhere in the first half of the second season, wondering whether the show accurately portrayed stardom and Hollywood -- the excesses and painfulness of fame, etc. -- was no longer interesting to ponder.

If the first season had an insider's smart and caustic insight into how the entertainment business worked -- how being good-looking, talented and lucky opened doors, which in turn made people fawn over your stardom, which in turn created power that could be used for good and eventually not-so-good means -- then the rest of the seasons just sort of copied that idea until documenting excess became, well, excessive. Read More...



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