Naruto Season 6 Episode 134 The End of Tears Episode Recap

Sasuke activated his Cursed Seal of Heaven level 2, and was shown laughing. Naruto told Sasuke that having a Cursed Seal was not what being special meant. Sasuke laughed again, and said that he had a feeling he would not lose. Naruto charged at Sasuke, and dragged his hand along the ground. The ground cracked, and Naruto hit Sasuke with a devastating punch, causing him to go into the rock wall like a missile and land on the statue's foot.

The smoke cleared from where Sasuke had landed, and showed a giant wing coming out of Sasuke's back, which had deflected the attack. The wing on Sasuke's back opened. Naruto noticed the wing and braced himself, but the wing sent Naruto shooting into the other statue's foot. Naruto looked over from his new position, shocked and dumbstruck at this new growth. Sasuke grew another wing, and it was seen tearing through his shirt.

As the wings came fully out, Sasuke started to groan in pain. A flashback was shown where Sakon warned Sasuke about the dangers of using the fully released Cursed Seal for too long, and that his body would erode if it was used excessively. He remarked to himself that he hadn't any time to waste. Naruto got up, his left hand immobile, orange bubbles forming in that area. Naruto said that he couldn't feel the hand. Sasuke observed that Naruto's Nine-Tailed Fox form was damaging to his body as well, and, despite his own shortcomings, decided to rub it in Naruto's face anyway, to which Naruto grudgingly agreed, although he said nothing aloud.

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