Neon Genesis Evangelion 1.01: You Are [Not] Alone Review

If you've seen the original Eva TV series, you pretty much known exactly what I am about to lay out. If you are one of the many out there who aren't already familiar with the Eva story here it is as spread out as I can make it: A short time ago, an alien (referred to as angels) attack caused about half of the world's population to die. Since that time, the Earth has prepared for the next invasion by creating NERV, a defense company that has specialized in research on how to defeat the angels. Opening up the movie is the hero Shinji Ikari, a middle school student who has been sent for by his estranged father and head of NERV, Gendou.

After getting caught in the crossfire of another angel attack and the Japanese military, Shinji is brought before a large and imposing mech and told to pilot it or leave. Hesitent at first, Shinji finally relents and becomes the second Eva pilot after seeing another pilot lying almost dead ready to fight again. In the 110 minute movie, the story will take audiences up to the close of the sixth episode of the television series. This is going to take everyone through three angel attacks, Shinji's first day living with Misato, his first day of school and the beginnings of his twisted relationship with the first Eva pilot, Rei.

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