'Breaking Bad' - 'Thirty-Eight Snub': Death by stereo!

A review of tonight's "Breaking Bad" coming up just as soon as I leave recorded proof of my intention to buy a car wash... 

"Do yourself a favor and learn to take yes for an answer." -Mike

What do you do the day after your world stops making sense? What do you do the day after you've lost big? What do you do the day after you thought you were going to die but didn't? What do you do the day after you killed a man for the first time? 

Five men entered the Super Lab in the season premiere. Four went out the front door, and one went out decomposing in a barrel alongside the rest of the chemical waste. And in "Thirty-Eight Snub," the four survivors are all trying to move on from what they saw, and what they did, on that crazy night. 

For all we know, Gus is doing fine with it. But we can only guess, because in the wake of being badly outplayed by Walter White, Gus has removed himself from the board, realizing (probably much too late) that he's better off not being in the same room with his unpredictable chemist.  Read More...



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