'Falling Skies' recap: Speeches and Deus Ex Machinas

Tonight's episode was supposed to be the thrilling conclusion to the "Sanctuary" two-parter, but as it turned out, the story line ran out of gas in its second hour. We last left our not-always intrepid survivors handing their children over to a mysterious older man, who, based on the comments from last week, didn't fool any of you. Unfortunately, the 2nd Mass was a little slower to catch onto Terry Clayton's schemes, and as we all found out, their little mistake cost them a soldier. (Sorry, Mike.)

The hour kicks off with a trick the writers borrowed from Lost. Jimmy looks like he's running from the cabin, but just like Jack and his friendly game of catch with Tom Friendly, he is actually playing soccer with the 2nd Mass kids against the sanctuary brats. During the match, one of the sanctuary residents, Tessa, gives Hal some goo-goo eyes, but Lourdes intervenes, leaving us to question just how many potential love interests Hal can amass. (Does anyone remember the name of Hal's captive girlfriend? Something with a K. Kim? Kathy? Yeah, I don't think Hal remembers either.) Tessa's dad reminds her why the 2nd Mass is at the cabin and tells her to not "like him too much," which, when coming from a father, usually means something entirely different. Read More...



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