Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Season 1, Episode 31 Review: The Promise Made For 520 Cenz

Much like episode 29, a lot of this was an episode with a lot of exposition and things moving behind the scenes, out of the sight of the brothers Elric. There was one notable event, however - the release of the Red Lotus/Crimson Alchemist, Zolf J. Kimbley, from prison. It looks like a confrontation between him and Scar is not far off, with the Briggs arc starting either next episode or the following.

Alphonse, you dog. Saying you want to taste Winry's apple pie. Let Edward have some of that first. There's plenty of pie for everyone. (Yes, innuendo is in full effect for this part of the review.)

The scene with the chess pieces was sort of cool, recalling Roy's game with Lt. General Grumman. I liked seeing which pieces represented which member of his team. Poor Fuery, relegated to pawn! It was also interesting to see that Grumman was sort of in the know, or at least suspected there would be a time when Roy might need his help. We'll see more of this in the next episode.

For those of you wondering, Madame Christmas is a figure of Roy's past. I was disappointed they cut down the bit with her and the girls at her establishment. In the manga, Edward and Alphonse witness him picking up one of her girls right after he drops them off and it makes them wonder what sort of person he is. This happens right before they return to find Fu in their room, which makes it more of a surprise, because they were busy talking about how they would never grow up to be like the colonel and then get a shock.

Speaking of Fu, and Ranfan, and Doctor Knox, I really don't give a damn. That whole bit with Fu crying over Ranfan's arm (which is her own doing, so the later blaming of Bradley is just sour grapes for them just not being good enough) didn't affect me at all. And Knox hasn't been in the story long enough for me to care about his family returning. When I first read it in the manga, it felt like Arakawa was just trying to wring a few extra tears from me, and it didn't work. It's too bad we won't be seeing Knox anymore, though. He was a decent enough character, even if I don't care about his family situation.

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