Recap: 'True Blood' - 'Me and The Devil'

When we last left Jason "Ghost Daddy" Stackhouse, he had three sets of super-duper DNA doin’ a line dance in his veins: fairy, vampire and were-panther. Which mythical blood plasma will win? My money is on fairy, but at the moment it doesn’t matter, because Tommy Merlotte is in immediate danger, y’all! The young shape-shifter is busy ex-caping from that evil, dog-fighting-ring-runnin’ Joe Lee! Fight, Tommy, fight! Turn into something horrible! Tommy stays human, but he still defends himself quite effectively. In fact, Tommy clocks Joe Lee right hard! On his hade! In a way that makes folks turn dead! And, uh oh! Mommy Tommy gets hit dead too!

Now let’s go out in the woods. Here comes some more oh-no: The kids from the Mystery Machine are extremely pissed at Marnie for how she botched what was supposed to be a cure for Eric’s amnesia. Now, Eric is STILL spacey, AND the once-hot Pam looks like a marshmallow melted on her face. All this cannot bode well for the coven at the Moon Goddess Emporium. Tara, Lafayette and Jesus leave Marnie in a huff. Read More...


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