'Breaking Bad' recap: The Wild West

If Sergio Leone had grown up in a meth den, he would’ve loved this week’s episode of Breaking Bad. Those extreme close-ups of Walt’s face mimicked the opening shots of The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. Those tense silences before Walt drew his gun were straight out of Fistful of Dollars. So much of it felt like a Western, right down to the High Noon standoff, with our hero casting a long shadow, and pulling down the brim of his hat as he approached his archenemy. Best of all, there was Jim Beaver, the actor from Deadwood, handing a gun to Walter, along with a few words of advice: "This is the West." And don’t you forget it, hoss.

Watching the first scene of this episode—which is called "Thirty Eight Snub," after the gun that may some day snuff out Gus—you can almost pinpoint the exact moment when Walter White turns into Clint Eastwood. He’s talking to Beaver's character, whose name is a pretty good joke: he’s an outlaw named Lawson. And Lawson tells Walt that if he strictly needs the gun to defend himself, he could buy it legally and escape two potential felony charges. So, says Lawson, "We strictly talkin’ defense here?" Read More...



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