'True Blood' Recap: 'Me And The Devil'

With Joe Lee's choke chain pulling tighter around his neck, it looks like Tommy may have snarfed his last Snausage. He slumps to the ground unconscious...only to leap up when Joe Lee's back is turned. There's some scuffling, and Joe Lee goes down, and so does Melinda, who gets knocked aside in an attempt to save her abusive d-bag of a husband. And now they're dead!

Having killed three-quarters of his family, Tommy seeks help at Big Brotha's House, where the ever-forgiving Sam agrees to help him dispose of the bodies. Their plan hits a brief snag when Andy "Aggro Addict" Bellefleur pulls the van over and demands to search the back, but Tommy makes the first good decision of his life and shifts into a big, scary alligator rather than murdering Andy with a shovel. And out in the dark, dank swamp, Sam and Tommy watch as Mom and Joe Lee become gator chow. Tommy is suddenly worried about going to hell, so Sam comforts him by confessing that he, too, has killed people. Aww! Nothing like a little brotherly bonding between a pair of murderin' fools. Read More...



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