'The Vampire Diaries' Joseph Morgan: Klaus and Stefan are on a 'path of corruption'


Who would've thought that Klaus's exit from Mystic Falls would be scarier than his arrival? We feared for our favorite characters when Klaus blew into town, but at least back then, we knew what to expect. This time, we're completely clueless as to where he is and what he's done with resident "good" vampire, Stefan.Luckily, we caught up with the latest addition to "The Vampire Diaries" cast, Joseph Morgan, at San Diego Comic-Con, and he helped to shed a little light and give us a clue of what we can expect from Klaus's "What I Did On My Summer Vacation" essay.When Season 3 opens, some time has passed -- though, as always, writers are careful not to specify exactly how much time. Morgan estimates it to be a couple of months. "Obviously Klaus has taken Stefan under his wing and whisked him away on a path of corruption," he says. "They're not in Mystic Falls...



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