‘Mortal Kombat: Legacy’ Finale Debuts, Viewers Engaged

Machinima released the final installment of the Warner Bros. Premiere produced and Kevin Tancharoen directed 9-part Mortal Kombat: Legacy original web series on Sunday. The latest episode was more than a month behind schedule. Tancharoen told the audience at his panel at San Diego Comic-Con the delay was caused by the need to put the finishing touches on the Cyrax and Sektor fight scene, but my guess is the ability to give his panel a super special premiere of the finale factored into the decision making process.

Regardless, MK: Legacy and its anthology of superhero and supervillain creation myths brought to real-action life is now complete, which makes now a good time to answer the question I asked four months ago. Did the series sustain its audience? Let’s take a look.




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