Big Brother 13: Princess Red Witch Strikes Again

Tonight's Big Brother gave us the inkling of a possible shake up in the game, but Rachel and Brendon's love story ended up being the main focus of the hour.

The house collected themselves after Cassi left the Big Brother house and by collected I mean they pretty much shrugged their shoulders and kept it moving. Right after Rachel, aka Princess Red Witch, won HOH, the Newbies balked in horror as the Vets took the lead again. Oh, now you are noticing that you guys are dropping like flies and should mobilize to take the house back! That's great, Newbies! You do also know that ship sailed the first week, right? Idiots.

Right after the competition, Jeff and Brendon discussed putting Dom and Adam back on the block. Meanwhile, Adam (who not too long ago was whining about the Newbies losing competitions) made a declaration to let Rachel and Brendon know that he's 100% down with whatever they have planned for the week. Why even bother, Adam? Why? Read More...


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