Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 6 Episode 6

On tonight's episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians "Kendall Goes On Birth Control," Bruce is dispatched to the drugstore to pick up a prescription for Kendall. Wondering why it costs $60, Bruce looks in the bag and is shocked to find birth control pills. When Bruce confronts Kris, she tries telling him it’s really to control cramps. Bruce is not satisfied with this, thinking it will just make it easier for Kendall to have sex if she isn’t already. So Kris tells Bruce to talk to Kendall and Kylie about the birds and the bees. Bruce thinks the carpool is his job and they argue over whose job it is to have "the talk."

Kim develops a scary looking rash on her legs. The doctor tells Kim it is psoriasis and that she inherited it from her mother. Kim becomes upset when the doctor says it’s controllable but not curable, and that a fast paced lifestyle has a lot to do with it. Immediately Kim is worried about what the tabloids will do to her if it spreads to her face. Overall, Kim is worried about her entire career, which depends on travel and always looking good. Kim goes straight to her mother to lay blame for not having warned her.  Kris doesn’t help matters when she remarks how much worse Kim’s rash looks than her own did. Kris makes her feel even worse when she points out that Kim is worse off for still being on the dating scene whereas she already had a husband when her psoriasis developed.  That really helps Kris! Realizing she’s not getting motherly sympathy, Kim tries a different tactic. She tells Kris how much it will affect her as a business manager when her 10% is jeopardizd if Kim loses work. Read More...


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