Breaking Bad Recap: Turn It Up!

In last week’s season premiere, Gale’s body was found shot through his eye, Skyler discovered the teddy bear’s all-seeing eye, and CSI investigators diagrammed Gale’s crime-scene apartment, as Breaking Bad established surveillance as the season’s new theme. The first shot of this week’s episode hammers the message home: Walt — whose whole M.O. is hiding in plain sight — stares at a mirror reflection of himself, studying his own image, wondering if the Walt other people see gives any hint of what he’s carrying inside. The first line is so abstract it’s philosophical: "So, how’s it look?" Walt asks, and a man we've never seen before cryptically replies, "Meaning, do I see it?" After all Walt’s done, we see it. Who else will?

In a few seconds, it's obvious that they’re talking about a pistol. The scene is all noir — shadows, cigarette smoke, mirroring, and hard-boiled phrases like "lawman," "spray and pray," "snubbie," and "wheel gun." The easy-to-conceal 38 snubnose "comes in polymer," the dealer says, "I prefer the feel of leather. Old-school, I guess." That fits Walt, or, rather, Heisenberg, with that throwback crime-flick fedora. "There’s really no substitute if you’re intent on fooling a vigilant eye," the dealer says — and Walt is all about fooling eyes now, whether they belong to Gus, Skyler, the cops, that stuffed animal, or something like God. But he’s a terrible draw. He can hide the gun, but not the panic on his face, the nerves. "Are we strictly talking defense here?" Walt claims self-defense, which would be a whole lot more convincing if the serial number wasn't filed off. Read More...


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