'The Bachelorette': One guy leaves, one guy returns


We've got Overnight Dates now on "The Bachelorette," which is always an interesting night - and this one is even more interesting than normal.There's a filler montage recounting each guy she has left. Just in case you're just tuning in or something. Silly. I will not be recapping the recap, thanks.Ding Dong!But before any dates, who is at the door? Is it Ryan?! I KNEW IT. I predicted it would be Ryan! OK, so this is fun. Silly and contrived "Bachelorette" nonsense, but fun nonetheless. Is Ryan going to be the next Bachelor? I'd be OK with that.Anyway, so he is "putting everything on the line" to see if there is "love to be had with this." Interesting - she kicked you out in the middle of a date, dude. But points for effort. So he explains to her how much his ouster blindsided him and how he can't stop thinking about her and that...



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