Recap: A bachelor rejects Ashley on "The Bachelorette"

We’re almost done with Ashley’s Husband Hunt and I can’t say I’m sorry to see the end in sight, if only because Ashley seems to say the same things about each and every guy each and every week. He makes me feel safe and protected! I could see myself spending the rest of my life with him! He’s so handsome! At the beginning of the show, sure, rubber stamp superlatives made sense, as she probably had a hard enough time just keeping names straight with so many guys floating around. But now that she’s had (theoretically) some time to get to just a few, I’d hope she’d have something more nuanced to say. Like, I dig guys with Geico caveman hair, or jealous rages makes me hot. But oh well!

 The final three bachelors and Ashley are in Savusavu, Fiji, which looks beautiful and tropical and, at least where they’re staying, expensive. Ashley’s always dreamt of coming to Fiji! Now she knows what she wants in a husband. Let me guess – handsome and protective.  

 Next, she explains what she likes about each guy. In a nutshell: Ben has grown since she met him. Constantine is real. J.P. is hot.

 But wait! A rejected bachelor returns! And it’s… Ryan P.! He feels that things were left unsaid. And undiscovered. They had something! What if she’s regretting sending him home? He needs to find out if she feels at all like he does. He doesn’t want regrets! He’s putting everything on the line. I can’t decide if Ryan is being earnest and adorable or he’s acting a little obsessive and scary. It’s a fine line, I suppose. Read More...


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