Basketball Wives: Score One for the Mean Girls

In the sports world, the best kind of game/match involves two evenly matched competitors duking it out and each landing solid blows, making the eventual outcome hard to predict. To be on pins and needles waiting for something to finally give is like no other feeling in sports, only paralleled by finally witnessing a breakthrough when there's the tiniest of mistakes or tiredness takes its toll on a drained athlete. Even if the team/player you were pulling for doesn't pull through, there's a sort of honor in leaving it all out on the field.

From the beginning of the season, it was obvious that Tami and Meeka were a total mismatch in the bloodthirsty sport of reality television. The former Real World cast member had the advantage in terms of TV experience, physical strength, aggression, and support from the rest of the Wives, so its no wonder that tonight's inevitable smackdown with Meeka happened and happened the way it did. However, as much as I've waved the banner for Team Tami this season on Basketball Wives, I have to admit something. Read More...


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