The Bachelorette Episode Recap: Week 9

Ashley arrives in Fiji, reflecting on her Bachelorette journey thus far. She says she definitely finds herself finding true love on the beautiful island. We look back at the past few weeks and how Ashley's relationships with Ben, J.P.and Constantine have grown.

Ben's date is up first, but wait, it's not Ben, it's a surprise (like we didn't see this coming) visit from Ryan. He thinks there are things left unsaid and unexplored, so of course traveling to the other side of the world to surprise her is the best way to accomplish that, right? They sit on the couch together, where Ryan lays it all out and says, "Call me crazy, but when I stepped out of that limo for the first time, we had something there ... I'm here for a couple more days, if you want to spend more time together, I'm here... you look great, by the way." He gets a hug and is on his way, where he'll wait for Ashley's decision.

Now it's really Ben's date. They take a yacht ride and Ben wastes no time before lathering Ashley up with sunscreen. Ashley soon gets in on the action and the two are pretty much all over each other on the open water. That evening Ben and Ashley have a romantic dinner outdoors. Ben decides that he loves her and plans to tell her on the date. He starts talking about taking leaps of faith and taking risks until he finally spits it out, sort of: "I'm on my way to the whole 'I love you' thing." Ashley soon pulls out the fantasy suite card and there's no doubt what they're going to do. They go to the amazingly awesome suite and hit the hot tub ... and then the bedroom. Read More...


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