Nancy Advised to Seek Her Roots, Seeks Out Heylia James Instead on 'Weeds' (VIDEO)

When she discovers that her sister Jill is making a move for permanent custody on Nancy's youngest, Stevie, she secures a trip to California with her loving son Silas in tow on 'Weeds' (Mon., 10PM ET on Showtime).
When they get there, though, they discover Jill has rescheduled the hearing for two months, in an apparent plan to maybe frustrate Nancy into giving up or screwing up (she can't do much more of the latter).
The judge wants to give Nancy the benefit of the doubt, but he offers her some advice to get herself back into a position in her life where she'll be ready to take on Stevie again. Only the judge was asking her to go back mentally to the good mother she was before all this craziness entered her life.


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