HELL’S KITCHEN “15 Chefs Compete” Review

HELL’S KITCHEN "15 Chefs Compete" Season 9 Episode 3 – It’s the second of a double bill of Gordon Ramsay’s show, and the ladies have to decide which of their team mates to send over to the men’s team, the ladies do a quick study of Sun Tsu and send Carrie out for the chopping block, simultaneously eliminating their weakest leak whilst providing the guys with a serious hazard. They also distance Elise and Carrie, two women who have brought much unneeded drama to the kitchen. But Ramsay anticipates their play and is having none of it and in a surprise move he sends Natalie over to cook with the boys.

It’s truly a fascinating study of human psychology under pressure and whilst working in teams. The competition is making lunch for a restaurant of screaming kids and their mothers, and with Natalie providing some much needed organizational skills, the blue team is suddenly a slick, well oiled machine while the red team, having lost one of their stars and kept Carrie and Elise, who are now hellbent on mowing each other down-or rather, I should say that Elise is hellbent on mowing Carrie down. Sweet peas, can that woman yell! Read More...



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