THE CLOSER “To Serve With Love” Review

THE CLOSER "To Serve With Love" Season 7 Episode 3 – Here’s a surprise (well at this stage it shouldn’t be, but it’s something which always impresses me): this ‘hardcore’ police drama doubles as a really solid, quite funny comedy about doofus cops without becoming a caricature-though it does toe that fine line quite often.

This episode certainly filled that quota, bringing on Adam Arkin to play a corrupt criminal wanted by the law. When Provenza is offered $2000 to deliver a subpoena to this criminal in hiding, he, Buzz and Flynn inadvertently bring about the death of an imposter posing as the said criminal.

The episode was actually really funny, and proves that The Closer, despite its reputation, is a show which is actually quite skilled at genre bending, especially when the situations call for Provenza and Johnson to butt heads, which is a dynamic I always enjoy watching. Kyra Sedgewick also surprised me with her versatility, since I’ve never imagined her as a comic actress yet she delivered a few good lines and some even funnier expressions. Read More...


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