ALPHAS “Anger Management” Review

ALPHAS "Anger Management" Season 1, Episode 3 – There were some particularly intense and graphic moments in tonight’s episode of Alphas that made me think that I was watching a show on premium cable instead of on Syfy. Given that Alphas is aiming to be science fiction rooted in reality, the violent death of Agent Wilson only three episodes into the series successfully made the Alphasworld tragically authentic.

This week’s Alpha released strong pheromones into the air which caused the people around him to react aggressively towards one another. The use of the video clip showing the ants attacking the scorpion was a creative way to succinctly explain Dr. Rosen’s theory behind the pheromone reaction. Rather than spending a lot of time using scientific lingo to give us some background, we were filled in on it by watching a short video clip of something most of us had probably already seen in high school science classes. Later, when he explained that certain people’s brains might produce sufficient levels of serotonin to counter the pheromones and explained that Bill was immune because he could control his fight or flight response, Rosen’s reasoning was equally intelligible. There was enough simple science mixed into his dialogue to make the Alpha ability believable without having to decipher complicated terminology. Read More...


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