Teen Wolf: And Your Alpha Wolf Is...

Wow, Teen Wolf, I soooooo did not expect that reveal. Well kind of.

This is going to be a full on speculation post. If you have not seen this episode, then exit out now!!!

So! Whoever guessed that Derek's uncle Peter was the Alpha in the comments section, please pat yourself on the back. You so deserve it. When my top suspect, Mr. Harris, was revealed to not be the Alpha in the first scene, I nearly balked and thanked God that I didn't bet any money in that pool. However, that same opening scene pretty much revealed who the Alpha was with the beast accusing Mr. Harris for harming him. It took me a while to connect the dots, but the reveal in the hospital still had me gasping for air by the end of the hour. Read More...



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Jul 26, 2011 10:37PM EDT

i was thinking this was the alpha from the time he moved his finger when derek asked him for a sign. That and him mentioning the symbol being for vengeance. Who wants vengeance more then the one that was burned?

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