Derek Appears to Jackson in a Nightmare on 'Teen Wolf' (VIDEO)

Ever since Derek scratched Jackson's neck, the two have shared a sort of strange symbiotic connection. But a dream Jackson had in the hospital may have revealed a bit more the depths of their connection on 'Teen Wolf' (Mon., 10PM ET on MTV).
Jackson was probably pretty bummed to find out that not only can Derek haunt his waking hours, but now he's getting into his dreams as well. It's a good thing this was a dream, though, as the good doctor starting to pull some kind of grotesque sinew out of the scratches was almost too much to imagine if it was real.
As for that connection, Jackson started talking about nightmares he'd been having about a burning house with people screaming. Could he be dreaming Derek's memories? The connection doesn't seem to be wolfie, as Jackson hasn't turned yet, but maybe that's still to come.


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