Warehouse 13 Review: "Love Sick"

So "Love Sick" wasn't as strong as last week's "Trials", but at the same time I have to keep my expectations in perspective. First and foremost, Warehouse is primarily a procedural, not a heavily character driven drama. "Trials" was more the exception to the rule rather than a sudden new direction. When kept on that scale trials was still a fun, solid episode of Warehouse 13.

I was a bit disappointed to see Steve didn’t have a very prominent role. I guess this is where his "special guest star" billing comes into play. There was the quick joke with Pete showing off to him after learning he was gay and then he was quickly bronzed.
Speaking of, the way Steve was handled telling Pete and Myka he was gay was well done. Pete was Pete, he joked about it, and then everyone moved on. Nothing was dwelled upon everyone was cool with it, and no one made a big deal about it. Read More...



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