Real Housewives of New York City Recap: ‘It Was Like a Migraine Headache’

Okay, I'm going to be honest. I don't know if I can recap all of these reunion episodes. You know when you're eating something that's nice and greasy, a guilty pleasure, and then you drop some of it on your shirt? And you can see, immediately, the way the oil has penetrated the fabric of a garment that you really like? Suddenly that guilty pleasure becomes loathsome, because not only will it make you fat, but also it's ruined something good that makes you happy. This is how I feel about Housewives reunion episodes in general. They take something fun and pretty and make it horrible and scarred. (Or, in the case of the Housewives of New York City, they take something that was relatively tattered as it was and turn it into a gruesome, bloody mess.) All that fluff you could forget about the next day becomes indelibly, awfully permanent. Read More...


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