WAREHOUSE 13 Recap: ‘Love Sick’

What do you get when you cross WC Field’s Juggling Balls, Marilyn Monroe’s hairbrush and some good old fashioned emotional denial between partners? Pete and a (mysteriously) blond Myka, naked in bed together. As Pete might say, "Say what?" And as anyone who has seen much of WAREHOUSE 13 might say…exactly.

The third offering of season three is just as quirky and deliciously creepy as the other episodes we’ve had so far. And for the first time this summer, the ‘warehouse’ is its own character, so to speak, and we got to see a lot of little artifacts as one offs. But how *exactly* did Pete and Myka end up naked together? And why in Artie’s bed? Before you can say "that’s hot!" or "um, ew!" I should also mention that meanwhile, Claudia and Artie were investigating a horrifyingly diabolical computer virus that causes its victims’ DNA to shift to hard clay substances and diatomaceous earth. Read More...



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