'MasterChef' Judge Graham Elliot: I'm Sensing a Friendly Rivalry Between Christian & Adrien

Graham Elliot is a world renowned chef and judge on Fox's 'MasterChef' who'll be guest blogging for AOL TV from time to time this season. Here are his thoughts on this week's episode ...

Ahh yeah, another mystery box challenge! Tonight's challenge was close to my heart, as it featured one of my favorite ingredients: diver scallops. Most scallops are dredged across the sea bed, resulting in broken shells, excess grit, and sand. Diver scallops, on the other hand, are hand-picked by scuba divers, thereby insuring they're in much more pristine shape when they get to the kitchen.

While many of the contestants have cooked scallops before, few of them have actually had the pleasure of shucking a live one freshly plucked from the water. In addition to actual cooking skills, a great chef must be able to show due respect for his or her ingredients. Once you fully realize that an animal or creature has unwillingly given its life for you to cook and consume, you tend to cherish it more and take the extra time to make sure it's prepared to perfection. Read More...



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