Naruto is fun and exciting!

Storyline: The storyline is like a save the world, protect your friends and family type of thing. I found the "Naruto" series to be quite enjoyable with adventures and jokes and stuff like that (which was entertaining) -- however, Shippuden is different and has a much more serious perspective -- the action is not jumbled too much with adventure and comedy (which I really like). The manga is more enjoyable and is more "fun-ish" (I don't know how else to put it) and of course this is just my opinion. I leave it up to you to decide which one you like.

Music: The music is really good and has always been excellent! I find the music in this anime to be superior to other anime. The opening themes and ending themes are very interesting -- and unlike what I do to other anime, in Naruto Shippuden + Naruto, I don't skip the theme songs or ending themes Image That's a great thing! Also, the music in this anime always comes in the right time -- for example: suspenseful music during a thrilling scene -- and that is also a good thing!

Characters: The characters in this anime are interesting and you never know what they are thinking -- which shows a type of realism in life. I think some characters' potentials are not shown to the biggest extent in this show. Characters also have a lot of feeling put into them (and like I said before, it is realistic, and that is what I like).

Animation: The drawing style in the manga is superior! And the way they have made it in this anime is great! I am happy with the way the animations have turned out. The use of appropriate colors and the actions of the characters are fit very well in the animation.

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