MEMPHIS BEAT “Body of Evidence” Review

MEMPHIS BEAT "Body of Evidence" Season 2 Episode 7 – We’ve all seen the "missing body case" on one cop show or another but this time it’s no ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ parody. When a body disappears before a funeral, Dwight and Whitehead find themselves basically re-investigating the man’s death. This of course leads them to the fact that it appears he was murdered and soon the entire team is on the case to find the killer. Making matters worse for Whitehead is the fact that the whole thing rings a little too close to home for him, after a bad experience with a zombie movie and a missing as a child.

Meanwhile Dwight’s momma adds some humor to the episode, running around and getting everyone in the precinct to volunteer for a charity carnival. I also thought there were some nice moments with Sutton and one of the suspects. Read More...


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