PRETTY LITTLE LIARS “Surface Tension” Review

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS "Surface Tension" Season 2 Episode 7 – Things are back to moving slowly in Rosewood in this week’s episode of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. The show is back to character development and in developing a love triangle between Aria, Ezra and Jason. Who are you rooting for?

This week was not without its creep factor though. Mr. Hastings a/k/a Spencer’s dad is weirding me out with everything he does lately. His reaction to Toby’s finding of the old Hastings’ hockey stick was sketchy and his explanation to Toby about the reaction was unconvincing to say the least. I do not believe that he thinks Spencer is the killer or vying for attention. I tend to lean toward Hanna’s mother’s assessment that Mr. Hastings "never met a problem that he could not buy his way out of…one way or another." Read More...


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