Recap: 'Big Brother' Wednesday - PoV Night

Well, it’s déjà vu here, people. When last we met on Wednesday, Adam and Dominic were up for eviction. And here we are again, with the pair once again on the chopping block. Rachel’s in charge of the house, if not her emotions, and there’s a good chance that Jeff and Jordan could get backdoored if Adam and Dominic win tonight’s PoV challenge. Two weeks ago, none of these words would have meant anything to me. Now? I’m speaking fluent "Big Brother"-anese. This is…growth?

Jeff is relieved that Rachel didn’t hold a grudge in light of not picking them to watch "Same Name" on Sunday. Dude: you did her a FAVOR. Let her know the bullet she dodged! She almost had to watch "Same Name"!  In the Arkham Low Security Have Not Asylum, the marked men talk strategy. Rachel comes in and declares it a "veto" week, meaning that she’s nominated those two for a chance to stay in the game. I think. I’m apparently not as fluent in "Big Brother"-anese than I thought. Also, a blood vessel bursts in my brain every time Rachel talks, so I might just be losing mental faculties as the weeks carry on. Her plans backfires, however, and now neither of them trust the deals they previously made with her. Read More...


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