'Big Brother' recap: A Game of Pawns

Based on the comment boards, it seems like some people have given up on this season. That's too bad. Having just marathoned through the last five episodes of Big Brother, I think we're witnessing the early rumblings of a truly exceptional reality TV showdown. I'm talking Brenchel vs. Jorff, Darkness vs. Light, So-Clever-They're-Stupid vs. So-Stupid-They're-Clever. Remember: There is no real reason why Brendon and Rachel have to be in an alliance with Jordan and Jeff. Brendon and Jeff seem to have friendly interactions -- Jeff is the groovy-cool Ferris Bueller to Brendon's tightly-wrapped Cameron Fry -- but Rachel and Jordan are very close to outright hating each other. They don't, not yet, possibly because Jordan appears to be incapable of hatred, possibly because Rachel secretly wants to be Jordan. And they are all good enough players to know that, in Big Brother, the most powerful move you can make in the first half of the game is to stay true to your alliance. Read More...



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