'So You Think You Can Dance': Discuss the Top 8 performances!

The first time I’d ever heard of Lady Gaga was three years ago, during the Top 6 results show ofSo You Think You Can Dance‘s fourth season. Re-watching it now, I’m struck by a few things immediately: TV sunglasses! Pointy shoulder pads! Crotch gestures! Light-up scepters! Strong vocals!

So what I’m saying is all the raw materials were right there for all to notice, and yet here is all I had to say about her in my recap of that episode: "Did you catch the kid in the catwalk doing Katee’s spazzy elbow dance to Lady GaGa’s ‘Just Dance’? And, speaking of Lady GaGa, are you getting the sinking feeling that female shoulder pads are starting to make a comeback?"

Isn’t it adorable how I spelled it "GaGa"? Anyhoodle, things are coming full circle, with Ms. Germanotta now sitting next to Mary Murphy as a guest judge, along with Chicago director Rob Marshall. Will Gaga abscond with one of this season’s Top 8 dancers the same way she snapped up season 4?s Mark Kanemura? (Fun fact! Mark was voted off the show the same night of Gaga’s appearance!) Will Rob Marshall be as adorably withering of Tyce Diorio’s Broadway choreography as Neil Patrick Harris was last week? And will Pasha be shirtless? (I’m kidding: Of course he will be.) Sound off about the episode below, and then come back tomorrow morning for my full recap! 



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