Big Brother 13: The Jig is Up!!!

Well, my patience with Big Brother is growing thinner and thinner with each episode, live feed updates, and every growing minute as the Gruesome Foursome (Rachel, Brendon, Jeff, and Jordan) dominate the game with no signs of a break in their power streak. Seriously at this point in time it wouldn't be too much to envision them as this year's Final Four, because they have the household gripped in a state of fear beyond even the realm of a Michael Crichton novel. It's that damn serious.

There is, however, one player who I am rooting for tooth and nail, someone I had no clue I would actually form a liking to this time around. That person is Daniele Donato and her game was the best damn thing Big Brother 13 could offer to us this season. That is until tonight.

The majority of the episode was all about Daniele making an effort to make sure Dominic stayed in the house this week by any means necessary. Her main obstacle to achieve this goal was to pit the duo of Jeff and Jordan, who want Dominic gone from the game, against Rachel and Brendon. While Daniele really didn't have to do too much to get the two power couples to work each other's nerves, she did have to make sure who to trust with her information and who not to trust. In attempting to have that endeavor on lock, Danielle, unfortunately, came up hella short. Read More...


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