Dragon Ball Kai Season 1 Episode 29 Review: The Special-Squad's Frontline Man! Break Gurudo's Spell

The Ginyu Special Forces, folks. They love to pose, and they love to cackle wickedly. They do both in this episode. A lot. And yet, somehow, probably less than in the original cut of the show.

I enjoy the speed at which they get into things with the Ginyu Special Forces fights. In one episode, you get the elite five finding our heroes... er... two heroes and an asshole... their figuring who will fight who (they spent an entire episode doing this in the original cut), and the entire battle with Gurudo. With Kai, you can really get a lot in little space, and luckily it felt pretty natural here, too.

Gurudo is obviously the weakest of the team in terms of strength, but he has a real interesting ability: stopping time. One wonders if he literally stops all time everywhere or just in an area, like his other ability. I would think that if he could stop all time, that would make him some sort of god, but I guess since he can only do it as long as he can hold his breath, it doesn't make him anything that great. It sort of reminds me of Oolong's ability to transform, but only for five minutes. The others sort of treat him like Oolong, too, as a little pipsqueak.

I think the only scene that I miss from the original cut for this part is the flashback with Vegeta and Gurudo, wherin their argument ins interrupted by Freeza. It shows just how bitter Gurudo is about Vegeta. Though, I suppose in the long run it's useless to establish it since they don't really fight.

Vegeta does kill him, though.

I was pretty impressed with Gohan and Kuririn this episode. But ultimately, their power ups by Saichoro won't mean squat...

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