Review: Is 'The Devil's Double' The Scarface Of The Middle East?

Devil's Doubl3-20110509-45.jpg

Although dwindled down to a mere purpose of presence making sure things don’t get out of control, the war in Iraq will remain a stir of cringing echoes in the minds of those who endured it as both victims of circumstance, or obligation based on decisions sketchier than any other decision based under inaccurate reasons. 

Whether supported or not, the Hussein family carried one of the most complex reputations known to any family of power! Sadam’s ruling made noise all over the world, supported to a large degree at times (even by our own government back in the early 80s), however, like everything else when it comes to rulers, from heroes, certain ways convert them into evil dictators, and in comes a slew of sanctions, reactions etc. 

During these vital years both his sons (Uday and Qusay) were introduced to some of the world’s worst acts imposed by any human being on land. Force fed to believe there was justifiable reasons for harshness among those who speak against the family, much of what they soaked in led to an upbringing of tender innocent children, to grown men taking advantage of power, learning the ropes among world democracies/dictatorships and primping themselves for a life full of glitz and glamour, influenced by all that defines the word ‘vile.’ Read More...


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