'Big Brother 13': Another twist and the POV results


When we last left out hamsters in the "Big Brother 13" house, Rachel was the new HOH and she had nominated Adam and Dominic, even after throwing a total fit about Jordan not taking her on the "reward" to watch "Same Name."Post-NominationsAdam and Dominic both think they are the pawn, but they are going to play hard for the Power of Veto just in case. Rachel comes to them and says she'll deal if they want to deal, which makes both of their radars hum because she had already said they each had a deal. Oh, Rachel.Dominic and Daniele continue to flirt like 13-year-olds, it's so gross. And Daniele doesn't want to lose her junior high flirt buddy, so she's going to work hard on Brenchel to make sure the plan is to keep Dominic and backdoor Jeff. Brenchel takes a bath and rub each other's feet (gross) and the editors have to blur out...



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