FRANKLIN & BASH “Bachelor Party” Review

FRANKLIN & BASH "Bachelor Party" Episode 9 – I know, I know. All anyone is saying about this episode is that "Zach" and "Dawson" were in it, but since I never watched either of those shows (*pauses to duck rotten fruit being thrown at her head*), I’m just going to have to apologize up front for not joining in with the fangirl screaming.

Instead I’m going to concentrate on what a great episode this was and how much I enjoyed the whole storyline of Peter having to defend the fiancé of his ex-girlfriend. He can deny it all he wants but we know he still has feelings for Janie and I can’t imagine this was easy for him. But in true Franklin & Bash style, once Peter’s on the case he doesn’t give up until he’s won. Not only that but when it’s all over he even goes so far as to give Nathan a pep talk to get him over the pre-wedding jitters he’s feeling. Just goes to show that under all the silliness, there’s a big heart there. Read More...


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