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The Guard

John Michael and Martin McDonagh might be the best sibling directors out there that do not work together on films (Sorry, Tony and Ridley Scott). Martin McDonagh directed the 2008 surprise dark comedy hit In Bruges starring Brendan Gleeson and Colin Farrell. The boundary-pushing comedic tone established in Martin’s film carries onto his brother’s film The Guard. Witty banter, politically incorrect jokes and entertaining action scenes pushes The Guard as one of the top films of this summer.

Brendan Gleeson’s character in The Guard is completely different from that of In Bruges, in case you were wondering if he was getting typecast.  Gleeson’s character is a wise-cracking cop in a small Irish town that evades procedures and partakes in drugs and prostitutes. His apathetic views change once real conflicts comes into his world we see he has principles and a caring heart. Gleeson’s presence is highly enjoyable, especially with his relationship with his co-star Don Cheadle.  

In Bruges is more original. The Guard has better pace. Both films will always be compared with each other as will the directors, but that does not have to be a negative quality. Both films contain refreshing and original humor that American audiences are rarely exposed to. These brothers have excelled in their first attempts in feature films and I am excited to see what they do next.  

-Eliseo Cabrera

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