Recap: 'Project Runway' returns with a celebrity judge

Can you believe it’s been SO long since we’ve had "Project Runway"? I’ve almost forgotten what Heidi Klum looks like! Governments have crumbled, natural disasters have struck and inflexible workaholic stylist Rachel Zoe has reproduced! It’s an upside down world we live in. Tim Gunn, carry me away! But because I am SO excited about "PR" being back on the air (and I do hope you will join my "PR" HitFix Fantasy League at, I’m starting early (yes, I’m watching that filler casting episode) and I’m live blogging. I simply cannot wait to get my "PR" fix. I’m jonesing!

Tim Gunn will be narrating this time filler episode, which makes it quite alright with me. We get to see the initial judging process. Some people bring crap to auditions. And this is unlike any other reality show? Um, not it's not. Seth Aaron Hnderson and Zanna Roberts-Rossi of Marie Claire will also offer input. Read More...


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