'Big Brother 13': Live HOH competition updates


In the "Big Brother 13" house, it looked like the plan was for the Veterans to keep Dominic and get rid of Adam. But oh, how things change in the house.Fight! Fight! Fight!So following Brendon not using the POV on Adam/Dom, Daniele kind of loses her mind. Brendon is saying they don't trust her anymore - she played too hard to try to get them to backdoor Jeff. But Jeff blames Dominic for the backdoor plan, so Dominic is getting blamed for Dani's plan and he amazingly does not throw her under the bus to Jeff. Jeff keep ssaying he wants somebody to "tell him what he wants to hear," which is pretty much exactly the opposite of telling the truth. Shut up, Jeff.Jeff's "logic" is that Dominic leaves the house now because he knew about Daniele's plan and didn't rat her out to the other Veterans. He then (I swear to God) compares it...



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