Recap: 'Big Brother' Thursday - The Third Eviction

Rumors are flying that someone will return to the "Big Brother" house tonight. May that person have a that elusive quality known as a "personality" and save us from these recent doldrums. However, the "Lost" fan in me is hoping that Tricia Tanaka shows up and attracts a fireball from the sky to come crashing down on the whole endeavor. Who will be voted off? How instantly will the game change once it’s down to single elimination? Will the live audience continue to have that glazed, "I’ll be good, just don’t hurt my family" look that they always seem to have? Only one way to find out! Unfortunately, that one way is to actually watch the episode.

"Daniele has been BUSTED," declares Julie Chen in her opening salvo. Oh no she DIDN’T. Inside the house, Daniele is stunned post-PoV that Brendon and Rachel didn’t backdoor Jeff and Jordan, and goes to talk to them in the HoH room. As Rachel’s cleavage solemnly looks on, Dianele and Brendon have it out over whom to vote out in tonight’s elimination. She’s not exactly happy when he talks down to her the way he does to his fiancée. It’s détente time for the veterans, with neither side backing down.  Read More...


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